What do you know about the oral health of Virginian presidents?

The Secret Smiles of Virginian Presidents

Virginia is for lovers, and it’s also for presidents! The commonwealth is the birthplace of 8 presidents – more than any other state.

Did you know: Employees who use their benefits tend to be healthier and more productive.

Resources to Encourage Employee Benefit Use

Healthy employees are more productive, but almost half of employees don’t fully understand their company’s coverage options, according to a nationwide survey. The best way for employees to take full advantage of their plan is to understand its features. Use this guide as your insurance assistant to encourage your employees to use their benefits:

You can naturally get vitamin D, even if the sun isn’t shining!

Natural Foods Full of Vitamin D

A little vitamin D makes a big difference when it comes to healthy teeth.

It helps your body absorb calcium and phosphate, strengthening and protecting tooth enamel. Sun exposure is the easiest way for us to get vitamin D, but if it’s cloudy or you’re stuck in the office, sunshine is in short supply.

Luckily these natural foods can give you your daily dose of vitamin D:

There are several reasons why people skip the dentist. Learn why you shouldn’t.

Why People Avoid the Dentist (And Why YOU Shouldn’t)

Be honest: When was the last time you saw the dentist?

No more excuses! We’re here to refute the reasons people are reluctant to visit the dentist:

Dental care doesn’t have to break the bank. Use these fun idioms to help you budget:

3 Sayings to Help Budget Your Next Dental Procedure

We all know that sometimes dental care can be costly.

Luckily, there are ways you can budget for your next dental procedure. We’ve adapted 3 of our favorite idioms to help you pinch a penny and prep financially:

These foods will help your students make the grade!

Back to School Foods that Boost Brainpower

Studying and snacking go hand-in-hand. Feeding kids hummus over sweets affects their smile, body and brain. Younger years are critical for cranium development, so use these tips to provide proper nutrition this school year.

Can you feel the love tonight? You can with these date ideas:

Date Night for Virginia Lovers

Escape with your Virginia lover this summer. The weather is warm and the nights are long. Everything has to be perfect, including these 3 date night details:

How you can have dental coverage while under Medicare.

Navigate the Medicare Dental Dilemma

Emotions run high for pre-retirees. The retirement cloud comes in 2 forms—one part white and fluffy (no more work!) — another dark and ominous (no more benefits?).

Here’s 1 rule for the babysitter must follow: the kids need to brush their teeth.

1 Rule Babysitters Shouldn’t Break

Upon returning home from “date night,” you may not think to ask the babysitter, “Did they brush their teeth?”

Sending little ones to bed without brushing may not seem like a big deal, but less than 30 years ago, neither did buckling kids into car seats. And you would never let someone drive your children without a car seat. Look into the future: Cavities are nearly 100% preventable and brushing twice a day should never be skipped.

Your smile can make or break the first impression.

Firsts A Smile Can Make or Break

It takes one-tenth of a second to make a first impression. That’s 100 times faster than it took you to read this sentence. But what happens in that blink of an eye? When meeting someone, one-third of Americans notice teeth before any other facial feature. And first impressions matter. That initial snapshot captures key elements of the truth, according to psychology research.